At First Sight, the romantic drama starring Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino, is one of the most hilariously terrible movies I’ve ever seen. In that movie, Kilmer’s character is blind and he falls in love with Sorvino, but when he regains his sight their relationship falls apart because he needs to re-learn everything as a sighted person and Sorvino’s character is an asshole. It’s horrible and melodramatic and maudlin, and it’s straight out of the Nicholas Sparks School of Beatific Men and the Unrepentant Whores Who Destroy Their Precious Souls. Makes for a great hate-watch, though.

Now Blake Lively and Jason Clarke will star in what sounds like a Hallmark Hall of Fame knock-off At First Sight, a movie called All I See is You. Lively will play a blind woman who regains her sight and Clarke is her husband. When she regains her sight their relationship falls apart because undoubtedly, one of them is an asshole. Lively is really trying to be a Serious Actress. Besides At First Sight II: The Sightening, she has The Age of Adaline next month, the romantic drama about her Blake Face throughout eternity. I kind of want to complain, because Lively is not a good actress and none of these projects are interesting, but bad actors get a million chances to fail, so why not let Lively keep spinning the wheel? The worst that could happen is that I end up having to sit through these movies to review them and—oh God. I take it back. Make it stop!