We’ll get to Blake Lively’s Marie Claire interview soon. Right now I want to focus on a Marios Schwab dress she wears in the magazine which, I think, is the same one Jessica Chastain had on at the Tonys last night. A curious coincidence because Duana and I both hated it on Jessica and it was Duana who noted that she appears to be one of those “one size too small” girls, a problem that Blake also has and for a refresher on this, please click here to remember Blake at the Golden Globes in 2009.

The dress is spectacular when presented in editorial. On a red carpet? It was disappointing, especially since I love Jessica Chastain so much. How unfortunate that she’s so hit and miss at these events. Did you hear her speak though?

God she is interesting. Not only does she never look the same in any film, she also never sounds the same from day to day. I can’t wait for you to see her in Lawless. Chastain is an extraordinary talent. Does it matter then that her styling isn’t as consistent as her acting? Of course not. But the reason we talk about it is because, when you make a choice like this, you get the sense that it matters, a little, to her. And if that’s the case, they need to do better.