Her tits are not pouring out. Her ass is not hanging out. In fact, Blake Lively has probably never been more covered. And somehow, this girl, still she throws it out there all the time: SEX, SEX, SEX. Right? The way that sheet covers half her body, it’s like she’s in bed, strategically positioned invitingly, so that you want to lift a corner of that blanket over her and climb inside...for a sleepover?

Is it just the lighting, or does she seem super orange to you?

Yes, of course it’s Chanel. Of course it is. She held out for Chanel, remember? She aspired to it. She went for it. And Chanel handbags finally signed her. Chanel goes California Gurl... much to the chagrin of those old guardians of the brand who aren’t really feeling this vision.

Let’s play Photo Assumption on Karl Lagerfeld’s face. Because... is he feeling this vision?

Karl is never really smiley to begin with, no. But his expression here, as Blake drapes herself all over him like he’s Ben Affleck, it’s extra, extra crusty, non? Surrounded by so many of the “right” girls, as Karl would say, and rather judgily, at this event, I wonder how he’s measuring Blake up to them. Photo Assumption says he might not be into it anymore.

PS. Yes that’s Paul Rudd.

Photos from Wenn.com and Larry Busacca/Stephen Lovekin/Gettyimages.com