In this week’s issue of In Touch, Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively are supposedly done. Because he likes to party and she likes a quiet night in. Really? No. Wrong. But then again it’s In Touch. You know better than that.

Blake and Leo are not only not done, they are very much together, always. He was with her in LA when she had to be there for the Movie Awards. He was with her in New York earlier this week when she had to promote The Green Lantern. He’s also said to be participating in a few workshops in preparation for The Great Gatsby but when Blake flew back to LA to attend the Hollywood premiere of The Green Lantern, guess who returned to California too?

Yes. Leo. They were sighted together in Carmel yesterday. Very romantic. And very NOT broken up. The opposite, in fact. Leo has it bad.

Also attached – Blake on The Tonight Show earlier this week.

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