They were in Europe together. Then it was over to LA for the MTV Movie Awards and a trip to Disneyland afterwards. And it’s still not enough. This weekend Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio, my current favourite Good for Gossip couple, were in New York. She stayed with him, it was definitely a multiple sleepover situation. Photos of them out for dinner, in separate frames, should be online soon.

"I had a premonition when I was 9 that I'd marry Leonardo DiCaprio."
– Blake Lively as told to InStyle years ago. (Thanks Ava!)

I’m telling you, this girl had a plan. But what about him? What’s going on with Leo?

I’ve been calling around. I have been asking. I have been given one consistent answer from multiple unrelated sources. You’re not going to want to believe it. I didn’t.

Remember, as I always say, the phrase I came up with a long time ago: Gossip is a Buffet, you get to choose the version you want to believe. So if you don’t like this one, go ahead and pick something better. I’m just saying these are the answers I’ve been getting:

That he is actually really, really into her. Some of his friends are saying “he’s never felt like this before about anyone”. Please, I can hear you laughing. I was laughing too. Then I got shouted down over the phone for serious that it was for serious. And my response was ...



Apparently he’s “really, really happy”. And “it surprised him more than anyone else”.

But what about Cannes? What about the private parties? What about all those models, and taking on 3 of them on his own at the same time? Well, Blake didn’t push. In fact, she didn’t call, she didn’t care, she went off on her cooking holiday and intrigued him even more with her independence. Um... I guess? It seems kinda textbook, you sure it doesn’t have something to do with her tongue? Well, unfortunately, no one quite knows the specifics about that.

As for those of you who think that all this to do with him playing J Edgar Hoover and kissing Armie Hammer in the upcoming Clint Eastwood directed biopic and worrying that people will think he’s gay and using Blake to camouflage or deflect or whatever...

First of all, the film was directed by Clint Eastwood which, enough said. Second, as if the MiniVan Majority is going to see an Oscar bait drama about J Edgar Hoover at Christmas. Are you kidding me?

Can we talk about Leo’s gait instead? Am attaching those photos of them holding hands in Monte Carlo a few weeks ago. This isn’t the first time I’ve pointed out his gait problem. Click here for a refresher. His gait problem is GROSS. I don’t give a sh-t who he is, I can’t deal with a dude with a gait like his. And those turned out feet. Sick. Like almost bad enough to put on a Never List.

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