So…they’re both on holiday in Europe, and agree to meet up every weekend? Here’s a recap of the Blake Lively/Leonardo DiCaprio romance intrigue so far:

They’re in Cannes together, but she leaves first, and he parties privately at a villa with some young models. Then they hook up again in Portofino a few days later. He jets off to Naomi Campbell’s birthday, she does her own thing, and this weekend they were sighted leaving the same hotel, separately, back in the South of France. They both eventually ended up in the same car in Saint Paul de Vence.

(When I was 16, I spent a summer studying French on a youth trip in the Cote d’Azur. There were something like 30 of us from all over North America staying in one huge house. Our home base was Nice and we’d make day trips all along the coast, even a weekend in Florence. One day was split between Saint Paul de Vence, Eze, and Monaco. Even then, and at that age you don’t appreciate anything, I remember thinking what an amazing view we had, and walking through the castles, feeling very overwhelmed by the…oldness of it all. If you have a chance to, it’s so worth it.)

Anyway, it sounds like Blake and Leo had the same route in mind. They also turned up together in Monaco and… it gets better…they were holding hands. I don’t have access to those photos. No one does, at least not yet with proper licensing. The photo agency hasn’t made them available at press time so there could be an embargo on them after being acquired for a big number by a tabloid or a glossy magazine. Several message boards however have been able to somehow get access. Mainstream blogs and publications however can’t post them without violating copyright and I won’t be able to until I can purchase them legitimately, but if you want to have a look, click here.

That looks like good gossip, non? Very good for gossip. Apparently it hasn’t occurred to Leo that somehow the paps are able to find the two of them every time they reunite after a few days apart. Or… maybe Lively is so … entertaining… he’s too bewitched to care?

Also I wonder if Jessica Biel is pissed that Blake got to Leo before she could.

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