Us Weekly is reporting that Blake and Leo are done. Confirmed by the reps. And they’re still friends.

Is it because she pushed too hard to join him during awards season?

Or is it because she saw an opening with Ryan Reynolds, with whom she had dinner on Saturday in Boston - click here if you missed my article on it yesterday. Blake wanted that when it was married to Scarlett Johansson and was turned away.

But let’s address the Leo split first. Two stars, not unlike in dignity, as we all saw in fair Verona, where we laid our scene, from old manipulation to new strategic love, where all stars are whores and all whores stars - he was indeed much more expressive and seemingly much more entranced than ever. Which is why I kept asking: how did she DO that?

Leo has been shooting Gatsby in Australia. Blake has been to see him a couple of times. But she’s also committed to shooting Gossip Girl in New York. Leo likes to summon his lovers. Perhaps Blake was not so summon-able. And if that’s the case, I am down with her game. And why fly all the way to Australia when Ryan Reynolds is just a train away... ?

I’m told they are friends. I’m told she wanted more before and he wouldn’t lean. I’m told that Ryan wouldn’t want to get messy with a triangle situation involving Leo. I’m told he intends to stay friends with all of them - Scarjo, Olivia Wilde, Blake...

I’m told that they were still friends, just, on Saturday. But if Blake pulled a How Did She DO that with Leonardo DiCaprio, how hard could it be with Ryan Reynolds? Here’s a girl who, um, just TURNED DOWN Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. (Source)

Think about that for a moment. Somehow, Blake Lively, who mumbles her way through Serena Van Der Woodsen, has put herself in a position to be able to TURN DOWN Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. No, it doesn’t say much about the project as a whole, but it does say a lot about where she’s at right now. Because let me put it to you another way - Ashley Greene isn’t getting offered sh-t right nor is she able to turn it down, you see what I mean?

Blake Lively, in the last six months or so, despite the failure of Green Lantern, somehow became a baller.

How did she DO that?

And what’s to say that Leo still doesn’t want a piece of that. That she’s the one who’s running this? It’s not like he’s never broken up and gotten back together with a girl. It’s not like she hasn’t played him well before.

OMG. I think I love her.