Summer is not over, but I already know that if I were to recap the best gossip of Summer 2011, one of the top 3 stories would be Blake Lively’s How Did She DO That to Leonardo DiCaprio?!?

Remember the f-cking idiot tabloid last week that reported they’d broken up because they saw a photograph of Leo with his ma and no Blake? There are STILL people emailing me about that asking when it happened and what next and whatever.

What’s next is that Blake and Leo are in New York now. They were in California last week. She was working there. Then she had to work back in NYC. So he travels with her if he can, and right now, he can a lot. Because he wants to be around her. Because he’s really, really into her. Because I know this was hard to believe, me too, but that’s still what it is, that’s still what multiple sources confirm to be the case.

So check it out – Blake and Leo with his boy Lukas Haas on Saturday, riding their bikes around the city. What’s the law in New York? You don’t have to wear a helmet? Or do you but they never ticket? I know this is the wrong thing to say but I think I’d ride a bike more if I could look as cute as she does on hers and a lot of that has to do with the fact that, um, she’s not wearing one which, CHILL, I’m not saying don’t, I’m just saying I’d rather walk than go with the headgear, is that ok?

Photos from INF