The other day a story was widely circulated that Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively had broken up because his ma hates her. Click here for a refresher.

Like I said then, it was a useless discussion. Because the origin of the report was Now Magazine in the UK. In other words - bullsh-t.

On Wednesday, Blake and Leo were spotted shopping together and touching. So no, no break, still together, and a dumbass waste of time and disseminated links that amounted to nothing.

This makes me crazy. Because inevitably people only hear or read the first loud headline, and not the follow up, and then the emails come in two weeks later like - but I thought they split? Consider the source. From now on then, Now Magazine stories? Please pass.

Also a quick programming note - I'm on back to back to back carpets here at Comic-Con. I've written an article re: Skarsgard and Game of Thrones but I can't get away to send it. They may be pushed to Monday if I get held up. I'm sorry! Don't be mad!

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