You can’t imagine how much joy I’m taking in putting these two in the same article…

Blake Lively has arrived in Cannes likely for her role as L’Oreal ambassador but her husband, Ryan Reynolds, has a film in the festival from director Atom Egoyan called The Captive that’s screening in competition. So we will see Blake at the Palais, sur le tapis rouge.

We might also see Pamela Anderson.

That’s what makes Cannes so fun and ridiculous. Because in Europe, even if you’ve been a little famous in North America, you will remain famous enough over there. Famous forever. In Cannes, for all its presumed importance as an award predictor, they let a lot sh-t onto that carpet. Phoebe Price, for example. You and I deserve to be on that carpet more than Phoebe Price does. 

No idea why Pam is there. And I’m not wasting my time googling it. Party promoters bring in people, all kinds of people, like Ebola Hilton kind of people, to Cannes every year to show up at the clubs and “DJ”.  So on the one hand you get people like Gong Li. And then down the Croisette, there’s are the others.