Blake Lively was up in Boston, again, this weekend for a sleepover with Ryan Reynolds. They were photographed leaving his place on Sunday with their dogs. They’re only ever photographed leaving his place with their dogs. And it’s not like the paps, they aren’t sitting out there every day waiting for the money shots. How long before a story gets reported that they spend their nights in because she loves cooking for him, and baking too...?

The next step will be the upcoming holiday. Thanksgiving. Together? And maybe a sightseeing trip over Christmas?

Ryan has to start promoting Safe House in January. His collaboration with Denzel Washington opens in February. The trailer has been released. Forbes just called Denzel overpaid - click here for a refresher. But... I pay all the time for Denzel. Does that make me a chump? Because I might actually pay to see this too. Because I like it when he’s all smug and chill and knows everything. One more thing: Vera Farmiga is really, really great at voiceovers.