Last week, Us Weekly reported that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were looking at real estate in the suburbs in Connecticut. A few days later followed with a story that the couple bought a two million dollar house in the suburbs, yes, but not Connecticut. Apparently their source said it’s Bedford, New York.  OF COURSE Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would live in a place called Bedford.

Now, E!News is saying that it was only Blake who bought the place in Bedford but that Ryan is spending all of his time there with her.

Connecticut, New York, single-own, co-own, who f-cking cares? How did the girl who played Leonardo DiCaprio, waited out Scarlett Johansson, and wore down Ryan Reynolds suddenly get so boring? Six months ago Blake Lively was my gossip hard on. Now she’s baking cookies surrounded by white picket fences. Am I blaming Ryan Reynolds for this?

Attached- Ryan Reynolds on his bike in Los Angeles yesterday.