Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were photographed early Saturday morning leaving his Boston apartment with their dogs. The two were picked up by car service and taken to set where he’s working on RIPD. This just as Page Six reported that they were in New York last Thursday with Sandra Bullock at The Box for his 35th birthday. Blake’s rep, who is doing a really, really great job these days, found a source to tell the paper that Blake and Ryan were affectionate and coupley and holding hands. Someone else told the paper that they were accompanied by bodyguards?


When has that ever been his style?

No doubt, being with Leo, then playing Leo, or making it look like she played him and going straight to Ryan, no doubt that move has worked for Blake, has totally elevated her standing. But has it elevated Ryan’s? Initially, sure. To be chosen over Leo D can certainly help with the dick size, no doubt. Having your new girl personally deliver your birthday gift - click here to see - to set doesn’t hurt. But rolling with the personal security while she gets her personal paparazzi all up in their business? I dunno...

Here’s a dude who was married in the wilderness. Literally. He was photographed exactly 3 times during his entire relationship with his ex-wife. I’m just saying... how much is it helping him that he’s getting balled, and so obviously?

And how do you feel if you’re Scarlett Johansson? It’s over between them, totally. But she had some regrets. And now That Girl who kept hanging around, who kept waiting around for a crack, That Girl has now accessed the inside...

At Least That Girl isn’t the one who’s mean to you in the ladies’ room. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for her.