WHERE did this girl get her game???

On Monday it was reported that she was in Boston last weekend having dinner with Ryan Reynolds. By Tuesday it broke that she and Leonardo DiCaprio were over. Wednesday and Thursday she beat him to the headlines with the story that they split because SHE wasn’t ready to get serious, pissing on Leo’s weak subsequent hook-up with a random Australian model. And now E! News is claiming that Ryan saw her off at the train station to say goodbye early Monday morning, presumably after a sex-filled sleepless Sunday night, and they were all over each other...

So she kills time with Leo, like he’s some kind of supporting player, until she gets an open door to get in with the guy she’s really been coveting...

In other words, Leonardo DiCaprio was only a back-up?

Dude, Blake Lively is changing my life.

Blake Lively is dropping some serious, serious science. Like, she’s invented a new f-cking atom in molecular famewhoring. And here’s why I’m becoming more and more hopeful. Because you know about my Gossip Wish List, right? Click here for a refresher.

Blake is making moves. She has the kinds of moves that could be worthy of a Hot Harry, you know? And that, that’s what I’ve been rubbing the Gossip Genie for for months. Think about it. She IS his type. That’s exactly what a weekend in Vegas is for. And this is exactly what a girl like Blake would be reaching for.

Stop yelling at me that the Queen would never allow it and whatever it could never happen. Obviously you don’t make wishes on the Gossip Genie for things can be accomplished easily. That’s the whole point.

But Blake... Blake is making me believe that the improbable could be possible, if she wants it bad enough.

So now Princess Catherine has to have a baby boy, and follow that up with an alternate. And drop Harry down to 4th in line. To free him up to do whatever the f-ck he wants. Which... I mean he’s kinda good at that anyway.

Until then, it’ll have to be Blake and Ryan. And Scarjo, while trying to forget she used to put her foot in Sean Penn’s lap in public places and nudge his dick around, will have to live with the fact that Blake Lively just outplayed her.