Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have spent the last couple of months in Europe as he’s been shooting a movie. He is now currently promoting The Croods. They were in Barcelona yesterday. Blake wasn’t at the premiere, but met up with her husband afterwards for dinner. She wore a black jumpsuit with a sparkly side-trim and puke coloured shoes similar to Kristen Wiig’s last week. In Blake’s case they’re much less offensive since they dress down the outfit for the occasion. It’s not like she was on a carpet.

So it’s work… but it’s also a holiday, on the company. Like a second honeymoon. Or a first honeymoon? Where did they go on their honeymoon? It was brief, if I recall. And definitely not overseas.

Last night at SMUT, someone asked how controlling Ryan is of Blake’s career. This is a misconception. And I suspect it comes from one of the low grade tabloids, like STAR Magazine and some story about how he won’t let her go back to work and is forcing her to have babies. Convenient because she hasn’t booked any roles since Gossip Girl.

Thing about Ryan Reynolds though is that that assumption is totally inconsistent with his romantic history. First of all, as Duana pointed out, the man is a constant proposer – Alanis, Scarlett, now Blake. And it’s he who takes on the personality of the women he’s with and not the other way around. Scarlett was the one who hated the attention and obsessed about privacy. And Blake is the one who…well… I mean somehow the paps found their way to her sister’s bed and breakfast in a tiny little town in Utah, remember? We call her How Did She DO That for a reason. This is not the girl who’s being told by her husband to give up her career…if she had one to give up, though she doesn’t seem to be as desperate about that as Mrs Timberlake.