A sparkly Blake Lively showed up at the NY premiere of Turbo last night to support her husband, Ryan Reynolds. She wore Burberry and a fresh, dewy summer face. Blake held hands and posed with her brother and, presumably, his kids, but, as far as I can see, there are no red carpet shots of her with Ryan, which is so interesting to me, this Hollywood convention.

They were happy to pose together when they weren’t a couple. As soon as they become a couple, you can’t be photographed together officially as one. The Afflecks did this for years too until he had to push for Oscar. But God, that is precious, non? After all, somehow a lone paparazzo found himself in a small town in Utah coincidentally just as Blake and Ryan were staying at her family’s bed and breakfast there – kissing and hugging. Click here for a refresher. Isn’t it much easier, at a proper premiere, to stand together and smile for the cameras?

Turbo opens next week.