As I first reported last week - click here for a refresher - Blake Lively accompanied Ryan Reynolds home to Vancouver to spend time with his family and I wondered whether or not she’d be able to engineer a photo opportunity with her favourite photo agency while she was in town.

Blake and Ryan were papped only once during their stay. It happened at Granville Island but NOT by Blake’s preferred agency, StarTraks. It was, instead, a local photographer to got the money shot and the couple, with Ryan’s mother, was taken by surprise. Blake didn’t seem too bothered by it but Ryan was observed to be increasingly vexed when the paparazzi followed them out of the market. Dude, what do you expect when your girlfriend stages and sets this sh-t up? Or are we still pretending that paps hang out in Small Town, Utah on the regular and just happen to pass by your gf’s sister’s bed and breakfast at the exact moment the two of you are kissing?

After hanging out in Vancouver, I’m told exclusively that the two then made their way over to Vancouver Island with Ryan’s brother who lives there. You know what else happened on Vancouver Island? Well, Vancouver Island is where Ryan Reynolds married Scarlett Johansson, although he did not take Blake to the luxury wilderness resort where he wed Scarjo. By the way, Ryan and Scarjo were never photographed in BC during the course of their relationship. In fact, at this point, I’m pretty sure Ryan and Blake have been photographed together just as much if not more in their short 3 month love affair than Ryan and Scarjo were during their entire courtship and marriage.

Anyway, after a brief stay on Vancouver Island, it was time for her family. By Christmas proper Ryan and Blake were in Utah with her family. And it wasn’t the first time Ryan’s celebrated a holiday with the Livelys.

This photo attached has been circulating on Twitter (source). That’s Ryan seated next to Blake in the middle of a long table and it was taken at US Thanksgiving. The DOing doesn’t stop. Please Blake, more in 2012.