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I am a dumb f-ck and a stupid bitch. Because I didn’t bother screen capping the video. I’m sorry.

The video was online on Friday. I saw it in the afternoon. And I knew at the time it wouldn’t last long. I said to myself, you should really get this saved somehow, at least preserve an image from it, or something, before it gets pulled down. But... um... it was Friday at 4pm and we’re in Tofino and the fire was going and the wine had been opened and...

I forgot.

Now it’s gone.

Most of you haven’t seen it.

My descriptive abilities will be lacking.

On an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, Blake Lively re-enacts Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend for a dream sequence ...

I KNOW, RIGHT????????????

Haven’t watched GG in over a year. Might have to PVR that episode just for the laughs. SO FUNNY. The video was apparently taken from Chace Crawford’s Facebook. He filmed it while watching it on a playback monitor while several cast members, including Blake, as we learn later, appear to be reviewing their work. The actual scene seems rather long, mostly focused on Blake as Marilyn, and she gets through it without f-cking it up though, obviously, the reason they’re playing it back is because it’s clearly the take that is a keeper. She also looks like she’s having a really, really good time.

And when it’s over, Chace moves out from the monitor to Blake’s face, no longer in costume as Marilyn, and she goofs on camera like you’d never want to hang with anyone else, she’s so “delightful and charming to be around!” 

Warner Bros has since pulled the clip but it was enough to create quite an online buzz, which is where Gossip Girl lives anyway. Curiously well timed too, non? Blake Lively as a wholesome Marilyn Monroe leaked online just as Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe in Playboy was making headlines? This girl’s offense playbook is too f-cking much. Where did she get this fire power?

I can’t find the screencaps (send if you do) so you’ll have to live with Jacek’s hilarious photoshopping instead. Blake’s Monroe is light, whimsical, terrible, and, as such, really, really funny. She also loses Lonely Boy to Blair’s Audrey Hepburn which makes the sh-t even funnier. I might just watch the second half of this season after hiatus.

PS Scarjo’s done Marilyn too!

Click here for more on Blake as Marilyn Monroe. And here on the off-chance they put the video back up.

UPDATE: thanks to those who sent me the link – it’s the original FULL video with Blake Lively as Marilyn Monroe narrated by Chace Crawford. Watch asap before it gets pulled down too!

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