How many times have you seen Blake Lively wearing something 2 sizes too small? Remember the Golden Globes?

Amazingly enough, last night at the CFDA Awards, Blake actually put on a dress that fit. And looked terrific. Super sexy, super fresh, super tanned but not obnoxiously so, and very, very healthy. A killer body. Like, I’m not even bored.

Also helps that her boyfriend wasn’t around. Together they are the opposite of Pitt Porn, the blandest sandwich you’ve ever had.

Anyway, looks like Blake is taking hiatus off. Haven’t heard that she’s shooting anything before Gossip Girl resumes. She will be seen in theatres soon however in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee based on the wonderful book of the same name by Rebecca Miller who also directed the film. Love her.

Just watched the trailer which is embarrassingly bad and low budge but does offer a few glimpses of goodness including Keanu Reeves who just might not scare us with his acting this time. That would be a first.

Robin Wright and Winona Ryder, can you hear the change in their voices?

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