There was a Chanel dinner or something last night. Blake Lively was the guest of honour. She wore an amazing white cocktail dress with amazing Louboutins. Does it make you crazy the way, um, the pronunciation of “Louboutin” has essentially been mangled? LEW-BOO-TAWN.

It’s the “Tawn” part that gives me stress. Like, Jennifer Lopez made an entire song about it. Here’s a video about the proper way to make the “in” sound in French:

Ok I’m done being a snob. Sorry. I know I deserve a major eyeroll and a fart thrown in my face for that. Do it. Let me eat your fart.

Anyway re: Blake – does she look tired to you? She looks tired to me. A little haggard, even. Maybe it’s all that worrying. About what?


Here’s another thing I heard everywhere in LA last week: her buzz has worn off in the sense that the movie people? They really can’t deal with the bad acting. The TV people are like – see, we told you so, but the movie people who were really hot on her last year before they knew what they were dealing with are now like, yeah, no, that’s even more sh-t than the usual pretty girl sh-t, which is why she currently has nothing lined up beyond Gossip Girl. I almost felt bad for her. Especially considering the options she might have to resort to.

But then I remembered… she’s a “fashion icon”, right?

That’s a pretty good second job…?

Also, Blake was spotted out for lunch yesterday with billionaire Vivi Nevo who used to be engaged to Zhang Ziyi. Nevo has shares in Time Warner. I mean that isn’t just rich, that’s obscenely rich. With a lot of access. Apparently it was just a “business” meeting. Well at least she’s getting to know the right people.

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