I’m not trying to diminish her accomplishment but it felt like they were doling out these CinemaCon “Star of Tomorrow” Awards like those snap-snap topless cards constantly distributed on the Strip. If you’ve been to Vegas, you know what I mean. What is that all about anyway?


Here’s Blake Lively, in red and leggy, receiving her Star of Tomorrow Award last night along with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the new Transformers girl. See what I mean? It’s not like they were terribly discerning with their trophy distribution this year, were they?

Oh but wait, let me guess. I promise I haven’t even checked…

Blake is wearing Marchesa. Right?

It has to be. Because it looks like something Michelle Kwan skated in but not during competition. Definitely exhibition styles.

She actually looked a lot better earlier in the day, except for the booties, in white, at the Warner Bros event to promote The Green Lantern. It was casual, it was elegant and effortless, it didn’t scream of Trying like Marchesa so often does.

But why not Chanel? After all, Blake is the face of the Mademoiselle bag line.

Is Blake getting meangirled at Chanel?

According to the NY Daily News, some of the bitches at Chanel America are sniping that Blake’s look is “off-brand”. After all, for years Chanel has epitomised French French-ness. And along comes Blake with her beachy blondness and so much tits and ass…

I suppose from a pure brand perspective, I could see how they could have some trouble with it. The official party line however has been that Karl personally handpicked Blake – probably at the urging of Anna Wintour – which means that Blake is pretty much untouchable, no matter how crusty they happen to be at the US office.

(Every time I hear the phrase “US Office” I think of Daniel Cleaver in Bridget Jones’s Diary, the movie.)

Photos from Wenn.com