Even though there was a screening for it the night before, or two nights before, the official official New York premiere of Blue Valentine went down last night. Michelle Williams looked lovely. Ryan Gosling had on a really great jacket. They posed with the kid. It was all the same. Except Blake Lively turned up. And you know, Blake and Ryan were at Disneyland together a couple of months ago – click here for a refresher - so we’re back on that now.

Interestingly enough, Blake just came from a short trip to Paris where she was supposedly, according to E!, shooting ads for Chanel as their new handbag spokesperson. Well no wonder she’s been looking extra, extra skinny lately. Thank you Anna Wintour for the hook-up. And thank you Karl Lagerfeld for the opportunity.

But last night, in Paris, Karl hosted an event. It was the Chanel Metiers D’Art show and most of Karl’s muses were present and accounted for – Vanessa Paradis (which must have been why she did not accompany Johnny to New York for The Tourist) and Diane Kruger and Anna Mouglalis and a Grimaldi here and there (click here to see photos) – and you’d think Blake, as the new face, the new member of the elite circle, you’d think she’d stay to be with KL, right? Please. As hot as Ryan Gosling is, if Karl f-cking Lagerfeld asked me to stand around and not speak only flutter in his presence, my Chinese ass is staying in his presence.


She went back to New York. And showed up at the Blue Valentine premiere.

Maybe she has Gossip Girl to work on today. Maybe it’s “work”. Maybe it’s a “work” schedule. But oh, I’m sure there could have been a later flight arranged so that she could have attended Karl’s little party with a 6 hour time difference and still made it back for “work” today, if that’s indeed what it was...

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com