Yesterday I gossip-wished Blake Lively for Hot Harry on a Horse (click here if you missed it) like Grace Kelly styles. Last night she showed up in a white (wedding) gown at the premiere of The Green Lantern. Can you imagine the Queen's face if Kate Middleton had arrived in sheer legs at the Abbey?

Blake, obviously, is not part of the Family. Yet? Please. This is why we need the Gossip Genie. We don't ask the Genie for things that are actually probable. Blake did however arrive with several members of her family including ma and sisters and some dude she was holding hands with so I'll offer a guess and say brother cousin? If she's that open about it, it can't be a big deal. Besides, with that Game of hers, as if she'd end up with someone we can't identify over Leonardo DiCaprio.

As for this dress - seems to be a lot of it happening, the transparent over the short. Have seen a few instances of it lately and I still can't get down. Very Victoria's Secret, right?

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