Sometimes, some days, I just want to walk around punching people. Violence is wrong. But asstalking is so infuriating.

So here’s a quote from Eric Daman, the stylist who works on Gossip Girl. He’s speaking here of Blake Lively, specifically as it relates to her sartorial side:

"She’s not an anorexic bitch, she has tits and an ass. She knows where the hemline needs to hit, what colors she should wear and about draping ... She’s not getting out of cars without panties and she [sic] rather be home making apple pie, not partying in a limo. That’s why Anna [Wintour] likes her. She nailed it [the Vogue covers] and I love being a part of it without having to hold her hand ... [Sarah Jessica Parker] was so instrumental about clothing and the draping and body parts and Blake is the same exact way, but she’s not Carrie and she’s not SJP. Blake is in her 20’s and has a hot body, she’s a teen icon of high fashion and we haven’t really seen something like it, she’s like the Jackie O of her time."

How often does this bitch come up for air from the confines of Blake Lively’s ass?

Remember when Blake Lively bragged about not having a stylist at the Golden Globes and dressed herself a size too small?


Let me refresh your memory. See attached. When left to her own devices, this girl heaves her cleave out almost all the time. Here you go, here’s the “Jackie O of her time”.

(Thanks Eva!)
Photos from Wenn.com and Frazer Harrison/Gettyimages.com