Last week it was a Chanel dinner in New York. This weekend there was a Chanel dinner in her honour in Paris. During Fashion Week.

I mean…

It’s a big f-cking deal.

Even Anna Wintour showed up for Blake Lively. And Florence Welch. And so many other important French fashion people. Also, while in Paris, she went shoe shopping with Christian Louboutin, not Lew-boo-tawn. But look at her in this amazing cocktail dress. With her tits and her legs, the double attack, usually scorned for overload but in her case, as noted in the New York Times profile on her style circle ascent, when Blake does it it’s apparently not only forgiven but totally celebrated.

If you have a few minutes, it’s actually an interesting read. There’s a hint of snark in there about her as a blank slate, there’s an insightful comparison between Blake and Leighton Meester, and details about how Blake really STUDIED to become the alleged fashion icon she is now. It was certainly no accident. She loved all the attention she received one night wearing a yellow Michael Kors, and she was determined to make it a permanent situation leading up to one perfect situation:

“I had other opportunities and I would say, ‘Thank you so much, but I am holding out for Chanel. That’s who I want to be the face of. And people would say, ‘Well, that’s unrealistic, they only hire Europeans,’ and I said: ‘Well, how great. I’ll be the first then.’ ”

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for the entire piece. They keep calling her wholesome and all-American, and no one seems to have noticed that she’s lost a LOT of weight in the last year or so, especially after all this attention from Anna and Karl?

PS. Who actually eats at these fashion “dinners”?

Photos from Pascal Le Segretain/