Anne Hathaway was on the January cover, now Blake Lively has been chosen for February…

Victoria Beckham only has 10 more tries this year for US Vogue.

Oh shame.

Blake Lively > Victoria Beckham?


Blake Lively who?


Any self respecting fan of Gossip Girl knows this is an unworthy choice. Anyone watching the Globes on Sunday, seeing Blake stuffed into a Nina Ricci two sizes (minimum!) too small will be scratching their heads about the honour. A tad premature, non?

Besides, Gossip Girl is all about Blair. Obviously.

But this Blake has an amazing publicist. Maybe even better than Shelf Ass Jessica Biel who has never graced Vogue either, so Blake trumped her too.

Shelfy and Posh seething together.

How long is Wintour going to keep denying Mrs Beckham? Hee.

Source Fashionista