Blake Lively covers the October issue of FASHION Magazine. The interview happened in May and, since she’s not promoting a film, we’re presumably here to care about Preserve, aka the Blake Lively lifestyle or the website that’s so dark it gives you a headache.

So. You can’t wait to read the article, right? Because Blake Lively always says the most interesting things, right? Here are the magazine’s excerpts:

On a career in acting:
“It’s hard to have that sense of ease when you have a job that is so much in the hands of luck and fate.”

On her approach to multitasking:
“I don’t think I will ever do one thing. I’ve never done one thing … I have a tendency to go all or nothing. I take so many things on, so there will never be one [occasion] when I say, ‘This is it, and this is all I’m doing forever.’”

On life after Gossip Girl and new projects:
“I felt exhausted, both physically and creatively. So I really wanted some time to myself and to focus on other things that I loved.”

If you clicked away from my site just now I wouldn’t blame you.

Here’s Blake’s husband Ryan Reynolds riding around on a bike in London on the set of a new film called Criminal. He’s due at TIFF later this week.