Blake Lively covers the new issue of MARIE CLAIRE. Everything you expect from a Blake Lively interview is here. She talks about food, a lot. She talks about how her husband is her best friend. Her “greatest joy comes from Canada”. She wants to give back to the world. She doesn’t drink. She’s never done drugs.


“Her go-to curse word is ‘gosh’.”

I don’t know how much frustration one can get out with a “gosh”. For me, “gosh” doesn’t release much. “Gosh” might actually make me angrier. Imagine stubbing your toe. Are you a “F-CK ME! GOD!” kind of person or, while the pain seizes up and down your veins, are you relieved by a simple “Gosh!”?

A doctor would probably tell you that “F-CK ME! GOD!” doesn’t scientifically help with the hurt at all. So maybe Blake really does have all the answers. Maybe an inoffensive “Gosh!” is the more enlightened way to go.

And why not?

Blake is more enlightened than all of us, non?

There’s a video for this shoot. In the video Blake talks about what it means to be a modern woman. She explains that the modern woman is a “pioneer”. And then something something about the internet. Ah yes, she did recently chart a new frontier on the internet, didn’t she? Preserve is groundbreaking lifestyle. No one else has ever done it before.

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