Throughout her relationship with Justin Timberlake, before and after breakup, it’s always been easy to believe that Jessica Biel is a super clinger. Because, obviously. She let that sh-t walk all over her. Is still letting that sh-t walk all over her. She leverages that sh-t to advance her own career - with pathetic results - but in doing so she sacrifices her self-esteem: we know her as a desperate girl who cannot see that she’s being dicked.

And then there’s Blake Lively. As far as famewhoring game players go, Blake’s moves are far superior to Biel’s. The overall strategy is the same - let me make my name on being someone’s girlfriend - but the execution, well, come on now, Blake Lively has proved herself, over the last six months, to be a very worthy participant.

Somehow Blake was able to convince Leonardo DiCaprio to hold hands with her all over Europe, play cutesy face in Verona, giggle with the wind in their hair at Disneyland, stroll romantically through the vineyards in California wine country, and fly her out to Australia for her birthday, as the tabloids reported that he’d never felt like this before with anyone else, that he was falling for her so hard. Meanwhile, Jessica Biel just kept waiting for the phone to ring.

And now that it’s over between Blake and Leo, she is STILL making it work in her favour, with Us Weekly reporting that they ended because Leo was ready to get serious and SHE was the one who couldn’t go there yet.


Did you see what she just did?

She just took away his f-cking balls!!!

Leonardo DiCaprio, President of the Pussy Posse, head Hollywood modeliser, Leonardo DiCaprio just got his ass owned by Blake Lively???

Oh he is fortune’s fool.

And what of this model he’s said to be spending time with in Australia? As word spread this week of the end of Blake and Leo, a limp rumour started circulating in Sydney about Leo and some girl called Alyce Crawford who was seen at his hotel (she insists they’re “just friends”). Alyce is being called his “rebound”. So Leo’s back to having meaningless sex with pretty young airheads and Blake Lively’s walking around  New York with “I just had sex” hair - click here to see - as the one girl who may have rejected Leonardo DiCaprio because she didn’t want to marry him...?

How did she DO that?

See? Girl is a Major Baller.