It’s like throwing a handful of slop against a wall, hoping that one clump will stick – this is Blake Lively’s strategic Hollywood dating strategy: available to anyone on the A List. Takers?

Page Six reports that Blake was at Jeremy Renner’s 40th birthday party in Hollywood on Saturday cornering Leonardo DiCaprio for an hour on the balcony. Ben Affleck was there too. Maybe she was playing deflection. Or maybe she was playing Competition with the newly single and just 26 year old Scarlett Johansson who, apparently, was working the room all night. The two, as you know, battled at least twice over roles in 2010, and maybe even a little over a man, the other Ryan, before she tried to hitch her long legs onto Gosling.

As for Leo, if you recall, Blake last flirted with him when she was trying to get in as Daisy in The Great Gatsby, a role that eventually went to an actress who can act, Carey Mulligan. Despite her best efforts though, Blake did not get to leave with Leo at the end of the night. He’s still tight with Bar Rafaeli and they were together recently on holiday.

It’s inevitable then, this flinging of hers. This open market offering will only lead to one thing: Blake and Jake. Is going to happen.

Attached – Blake arriving back in New York from LA yesterday.

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