First pictures of Blake Lively since she scooped the whole world last week, marrying Ryan Reynolds in South Carolina last Sunday, surprising everyone including PEOPLE Magazine which found itself in an unfamiliar position: not only not having a celebrity wedding exclusive but not even being invited to the party in the first place.

By all accounts, PEOPLE wasn’t even presented with an opportunity to bid on the event. Even Reese Witherspoon sold her wedding to PEOPLE. You’d think Blake Lively, an accomplished famewhore who invited paps to a small town in Utah to shoot her kissing Ryan Reynolds for the first time at her sister’s bed and breakfast, would have made the same moves, right? Well we did. And it was a mistake. Because Blake, she’s following her own playbook. And she shut out PEOPLE in favour of Martha Stewart Weddings and, to make matters worse for PEOPLE, which is claiming that “PEOPLE WAS THERE” on its current issue, she’s telling her publicist to tell everyone else that PEOPLE was never at her wedding, was never asked to be at her wedding, and that any details about her wedding that you read in PEOPLE are not only suspect but totally unauthorised as the magazine apparently hired a pap on a boat to float as close as he could to the reception. According to Page Six, Blake “was concerned that the cover line gave the impression that she had sold her wedding pictures to the weekly, which has recently officially featured the wedding of Drew Barrymore and also Matthew McConaughey. A Lively rep confirmed, “PEOPLE was not there, no pictures were sold.”

How much do you love that Blake Lively is essentially fronting like what Reese and Drew and Matthew did is totally beneath her? And the best part of it is that it’s a no risk situation. PEOPLE can’t afford to not be nice to her even though she keeps publicly sh-tting on them.

Does this mean that my dream of Blake and Hot Harry will never happen? Maybe that can be her next goal. I wrote all last week about Blake’s impressive Goal Setting Standards - click here and click here for a refresher. This girl will need a goal, eventually. An even bigger one. There’s no bigger goal than Prince Harry, especially now that she’s thrown in a few obstacles on her own. But if there’s any royal who can talk his way into marriage with a divorced woman (who may or may not have some kids), it would be him. And if there’s any Hollywood celebrity who can talk her way into marriage with the Ginger Prince, I’m starting to believe it could only be her.