This girl...

She can’t stop balling my ass off. Who are you Blake Lively? How the f-ck did you get so good at this game?

As mentioned earlier, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were able to keep their wedding pretty locked down. PEOPLE broke the news as the reception was happening but not in a way to suggest that they had negotiated an exclusive for purchase. As it turns out, Blake instead decided to go with Martha Stewart Weddings.

OH MY GOD but of course.


It’s not a celebrity weekly so there’s less implication that this was a sale even though they probably got as much comped as Kanye West’s girlfriend did when she married her ex-husband. But the demographic is the same. Or even better. After all, the business of weddings keeps growing and growing. And Blake’s image as a baking domestic god-I-hate-this-word goddess is further enhanced. Even better, the issue comes out in December. Happy Holidays! And besides, the photos in Martha Stewart Weddings are of much higher quality and presentation. I wonder how many pages she gets.

Just over a year ago this girl’s naked photos were all over the internet! Suddenly she’s a homemaker princess! WHAT???

But it’s just been so strategic and sophisticated; not predictable but not totally erratic. Every move she’s made has made sense. And it’s why I’ll go back to what I wrote earlier -- this girl needs goals; she’s too good at goal achievement to not have goals. She just conquered a goal she’s been working on for two years. Before long she’ll need a new one.

Click here for more about the Lively/Reynolds wedding from Martha Stewart Weddings. I won’t lie. I can’t wait to see these pictures.