Radiohead played a show in New York on Thursday. There was a lot of jizzing about Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson being there together and whether or not that means it’s a reconciliation. Am told there is NO reconciliation. They’ve just been able to stay friends, as hard as that is to believe. You know who else was also there though? Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz and, oh yeah, Blake Lively too. Blake worked with Ryan on Green Lantern while he was still married to Scarjo. There was some tension. That tension spilled over when they were both reading for Gravity.

Blake however is with Leonardo DiCaprio now, a major prize. Still... it doesn’t mean they all can’t be friends now. And so the friends had dinner together, Ryan and Blake, in Boston, where he’s been shooting RIPD, on Saturday night.

Well, before you get really excited, I hear there’s nothing going on between them. Given the fact that Ryan has in fact spent time with Blake and Leo together in the past, to say nothing of his preference to keep his sh-t tight, it would be very unlikely that he’d voluntarily throw himself into a tug of war love triangle of his own. Especially not on the heels of two box office failures. You don’t want to go up against Leo on that record.

Blake’s intentions on the other hand - now that’s a different conversation. Leo has been papped holding her hand in public. And getting romantic and touristy with her in Verona. The Leo we’ve seen with Blake has been the most expressive we’ve seen, perhaps ever. And how did she DO that? Maybe she does that by going out for dinner with Ryan Reynolds. And making sure he finds out about it all the way over in Australia. Something to think on while he considers her request: can I join you on the carpet during award season?

If she pulls that off? This is when we all have to bend over and let her give it to us one by one.

Attached - Ryan Reynolds with Jeff Bridges on the set of RIPD yesterday. They look like they’re getting on very well.