What would Blake Lively have worn to the MTV Movie Awards last night if we hadn’t been exposed to (not) her (fake) tits all last week?

I don’t think it would have been this conservative Michael Kors. And her hair would have been down. Still, at least she gave us a look at her contours and those contours look remarkably like the ones in the nudie photos that brought us so much happiness last week.

But Reese Witherspoon does not approve! More on this later.

Right now, we’re on Blake. And she let Ryan Reynolds do most of the work at the event while they presented, preferring to bury her embarrassment in the crotches of those Jackass people in the front row. It kinda worked.

And what about Leo? Leo was not at the show. But right after the show, she did rush off to meet up with him. They hooked up with friends and hit up...

The Chateau Marmont?


Soho House?


Sunset Tower?


Disney California Adventure Park. A reader called Diana N – thanks Diana! – saw them there on Soaring. She says that Blake and Leo were very tactile. Until people started staring at them. Or maybe they were staring because they, and their entire group, VIP’d the kids out of the front row. Then they all took their shoes and socks off and rode barefoot.

So if you’re wondering whether or not the scandal affected the relationship?

Blake and Leo are still very, very much together.

You know, she also went to Disney with Ryan Gosling. What is with this Disney business?

Photos from Wenn.com