You know, I think I almost prefer what she wore the last time she was at the MET Gala in 2011. Last year she skipped the event after 4 in a row because Scarjo decided to go instead. But do you remember? She was orange and it was a Chanel toga? Click here for a refresher.

At the very least, the Chanel toga inspired a reaction. It gave us a discussion. Something to talk about.

This Gucci?

First of all -- grey.

You've lost me up top.

And then some silver leaf detail around the hips -- I’m nodding off.

And black layered silk skirting which is hardly original, a variation on that f-cking feather skirt business that's been overkilled and hopefully will never make an appearance again for another 15 years.

Turn her around and she's modified the professional tennis player's ponytail which ... ok I might have to try that some time...but it certainly doesn't elevate much of anything.

The most punk part of it all might just be the nails which are half painted like it's an old manicure wearing off because she couldn't be bothered. Only combined with the rest of what's happening, it seems totally incongruous.