Blake Lively stepped out today in New York. She hit up the Christian Louboutin store like it was a red carpet appearance in July. It’s never winter for celebrities, is it? Lately I’ve been wearing the same thing to work every day because what’s the point in putting on something fun when you have to bear the weight of your gigantic winter coat over top of it? My coat is great (this Moose Knuckle in black with white pompoms), and I love it, because it’s really, really warm. But it’s not light. Wearing it is like a workout. Yesterday I walked home in it and considered it a proper workout because it felt like an extra 10 lbs.

Anyway, Blake clearly doesn’t have these concerns.

She was also at the Michael Kors show with her ma in a nude dress with nude shoes. Here she is on Instagram getting ready:


It's show time...

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Are you thinking what I’m thinking?