Don’t delude yourself into thinking that Hollywood has substance. Hollywood is, and will always be, a looks-based industry. That’s the answer to Why Is Blake Lively. Because, if you’ve spent any time at all watching Gossip Girl, you know it’s certainly not about talent.

But it is about those legs.

Goddamn those legs. Leg-off: Cameron Diaz vs Blake Lively, who wins?

And it’s Blake’s body too. That’s a body. Naturally athletic, not over-toned, limbs for miles, good tits, skinny and curvy at the same time... she’s a freak of nature, seriously. And so the fashion people, they love her. Since she’s willing to kiss their asses, they love her even more. Anna Wintour loves her so much she’s already put her on the cover of US Vogue twice. Victoria Beckham keeps getting rejected and a little tv actress has had the honour back to back years. And more?

Check it – Blake and Wintour at Dior Haute Couture front row in Paris yesterday.

Then Blake was off to yet another Vogue shoot at the Ritz in shorts and a sequined blazer. As she was leaving she was accompanied by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. Anna and Karl, they agree on everything. Clearly they agree on Blake Lively. They are celebrating Blake Lively. Giant f-cking eyeroll.

Also attached – Blake shooting Gossip Girl looking like the tallest woman alive in those purple pants.

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