The poster for Oliver Stone’s Savages has been released. As you can see, Blake Lively is front and very centre, all hot and open-mouthed and tattooed and suppliant. Intriguing that we only see Aaron Johnson’s face behind a mask. As already reported, several times, Savages was supposed to open in September but has been moved up to July by a very confident Universal. The studio seems to be riding a high - The Lorax was a big win, they’re hopeful about Battleship, Snow White And The Huntsman looks awesome, and now this...?

Please don’t let the drama be the one loser.

That might be the humbled gambler in me though. You’re always wary when you win several hands in a row. Think of it like roulette. If black comes up 15 straight times, you’ll always be looking for when red drops, right?

Anyway, here’s Blake walking around in New York giving stumpy me a major case of Leg Envy.