The one who’d show up to the Met Gala with her ass hanging out of a too short, too small dress. The one who claimed to not have a stylist and tarted up all her clothes. That Girl hasn’t been around in a while. After her nude photos were “leaked” Blake Lively wore her clothes down to the knee and wasn’t pushing her tits together. She also grew an impressive fame game, playing Leonardo DiCaprio through the summer, and now finding her way into Ryan Reynolds’s Boston apartment every weekend.

Last night though, in NYC at the Christian Louboutin book launch (why do I need to read a book about his shoes when I’d rather be wearing the shoes???), Blake kicked it a little old school in a super tight, super short Dolce & Gabbana that paid particular attention to her breasts.

Oh ... really?

And who’s the celebrity spokesmodel for Dolce & Gabbana? That’s right, it’s Scarlett Johansson. And this, this is definitely a design made with Scarlett Johansson in mind. Coincidence or conspiracy? “I have your ex-husband, now I’m going after your labels too.”