You can predict who’ll be a belly-cupper and who won’t be. Like if and when Carey Mulligan gets pregnant for Marcus Mumford? She won’t belly-cup.

Keira Knightley? No way.

Emma Stone? I can’t see it.

Kaley Cuoco? Please. No question. Definitely a belly-cupper.

There are a few exceptions. Like Kerry Washington. I didn’t expect it from Kerry Washington.

And while it’s totally a Middleton thing to do, Princess Catherine Cambridge, when she was with Big G, did NOT, because the Windsors consider it distasteful.

So, no, it’s not a surprise that Blake Lively would be a belly-cupper. How could it be? When random paps show up in small towns in Utah and shoot you kissing your then-boyfriend at your sister’s bed and breakfast, we expect you to be a belly-cupper. It doesn’t take much imagination.

At twilight. And a double hand. And, of course, tucked away at her place of business, Preserve. On a new page dedicated to expectant mothers but, you know, at the very bottom, just to be subtle. Subtle? Blake Lively is officially a mommy blogger.

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