GOSSIP GIRL SPOILER! Click away if you must!

Blake Lively in New York today shooting a kissing scene with someone other than Dan Humphrey, yay!

Like I said earlier, Dan/Penn is at best an afterthought. And his face doesn’t fit inside his head. There’s too much extra on the sides, you know? Not that this dude is much of an improvement. Word is he’s an “artist” and Serena falls hard.

Here’s a suggestion:

Why can’t Serena fall hard for Taylor Kitsch? Can he be on the show? Please?

Anyway…last night’s episode and Charlie Trout: it was mean, it was frivolous, and it was balls FULL of girl sh*t. Love, love, love.

Even better?

Remember when Grey’s Anatomy rocked but it was almost even more enjoyable to read the recaps at Television Without Pity a few days later? This is how I feel now about the Gossip Girl point system on nymag.com. Amazing. And TRUE!!! And you get it the next day!

Next episode: Blair and Serena throw down. Can you stand it?

Oh and speaking of Taylor Kitsch… new Friday Night Lights promo below. Thoughts?

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