Leighton Meester was photographed yesterday in New York leaving the Ritz Hotel promoting her new movie Monte Carlo wearing a new(ish?) fringe. HATE it. Love everything else – the dress, shoes, all of it – but the fringe...cheapens it, non? I know you think I’m biased about a fringe, and I am, but this girl is fresh and beautiful and young and now, now she looks hard and low classy. All because of that goddamn fringe. And then there’s Monte Carlo. Not surprisingly the reviews are ...not good. But then again, it wasn’t made for reviewers, and I’m not sure reviewers can review for 14 year old girls. That’s the audience for Monte Carlo, isn’t it? Selena Gomez fans?

Having said that, while I understand Selena Gomez’s involvement, I’m not sure this is a good idea for Leighton. For Leighton to be associated with this kind of project. I mean, she already fulfills that kind of flavour in Gossip Girl. And she’s kinda doing the same during hiatus. Of course Monte Carlo was shot last summer, yes, and she, hopefully, has a better strategy happening right now. But, you know, this is what your team is for. To be able to project, calculate, plan, look ahead...

Leighton is a good actress. She’s easily the best among a lot of sh-t on Gossip Girl. And yet here’s Blake Lively leaving a table a read for The Savages the other day with Salma Hayek and Benicio del Toro. It’s an Oliver Stone project. They say that the script was brilliant. And Blake, while she does play “the girlfriend” again, is said to have landed a part that many of her peers really wanted.

Here’s yet another example of the better actor not getting the better opportunities.

Can we talk about the mole on Blake’s face? She’s not wearing any makeup. I like her better without. And I like the mole too. It has character. It’s actually really cute. But we never say that about our own moles, do we? My mother made me remove one right above the corner of my mouth on my left side when I was a teenager because according to Facial Feng Shui it was something really bad. She has a mole underneath her mouth that she’s never had removed because it was good luck. Sarah Jessica Parker got rid of hers on her chin just a couple of years ago. Obviously she didn’t like it. Do you think Blake will keep hers?

Photos from JosiahW/Splashnewsonline.com and Famepictures.com