Many of you have been writing wondering what’s up between the two since there have been no photos. And since there are no photos, some are speculating that the two are done. They are not done.

Blake has been living at Leo’s in LA. She’s there even when he’s not, when he’s out of town, like right now for Ryan Kavanaugh’s wedding. Haven’t heard yet if she’s been invited, or if he wants her there. But he’s still very much into her, at least as of last week. Wants to get to know her family too. They all might hang out at some point and at Leo’s request. Yes. Him. Leo.

I’m still as perplexed about it as you are. But it’s been consistent across the board – all sources report that he hasn’t felt this strongly about a girl in long time. And, as already mentioned, I have been HUNTING HARD for someone, anyone to tell me the opposite. Can’t find.


I’m not sorry!

Imagine if Blake Lively ends up being the girl who f-cks over Leo DiCaprio? He’s due for it you know.

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