He’s ok that he’s not what she wanted

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 25, 2011 18:48:40 October 25, 2011 18:48:40

Blake Lively is back in New York after spending Ryan ReynoldsΓÇÖs birthday weekend with him in Boston. Here she is working on Gossip Girl with ex-boyfriend Penn Badgley. Blake moved beyond Penn. She waited patiently, killing time with Leonardo DiCaprio, until Ryan Reynolds, the main target, became available and finally agreed to check her out. Penn doesnΓÇÖt appear to hold this against her. Maybe heΓÇÖs a big fan of her big baller game too.

Is her smug happiness part of the scene? Or her smug happiness to do with the fact that sheΓÇÖs the one delivering cute balloon puppy gifts to what Scarlett Johansson regrets leaving? Click here to see some pretty adorable photos of Blake with Ryan the other day by his trailer. Look at her expression, as sheΓÇÖs peering around the door, as his head is turned back at her. You may be convinced that it was Leo who dumped her, but sheΓÇÖs doing a great job convincing everyone otherwise that she had a better offer while he continues to do the same - interchangeable models prompting an undeniable ennui. He just became LESS interesting. Because BlakeΓÇÖs not around.

And how does she keep DOING that?

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