It’s not like Blake Lively wasn’t given a fair chance. She was probably given an UNfair chance. After all, in comparison to the other actors being considered for the role – Knightley, Portman, Mulligan, Hall, Johansson – how, really, has she demonstrated she’s even in their league?

But Anna Wintour loves her (more on this later) and her agent is working hard to convince people that she can do more than just mumble, and so Baz Luhrmann, he agreed to see her for Daisy in The Great Gatsby. And she went out for dinner with them. She flirted with Leo D. She had her people circulate stories that she’d all but closed the deal. The opportunity was there.

But you have to be able to act.

Seems like a reasonable condition, right? The Great Gatsby will not be special effects and cheesy superhero oneliners. The Great Gatsby is a full drama. It’s real dialogue. There’s nothing to hide behind. Which is why Blake was left behind. And she had to eat that last night at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in New York. She and Carey Mulligan were both there. Carey Mulligan doesn’t have to put her tits out on every carpet to make things happen, or wear see-through dresses. Someone just stepped up the boyfriend search. Someone is stalker dialing Ryan Gosling.

As for Anna Wintour – her hard-on for Blake is still raging. ANOTHER cover. This time a special edition Vogue Best Dressed issue. They’re calling her “The Bombshell”. And Jessica Biel got a mention too. She’s the “American Beauty”.


Anna must owe someone something. Her persistence with these two is getting embarrassing.


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