One of my favourite games. Jacek’s too!

He was just leaving for the dentist when I told him I was writing about this (yesterday) and of course had to come over to my desk and analyse for several minutes before he left. We LOVE co-studying breasts as a husband-wife activity. Pervy? Well, we’ve been married almost 10 years. So, you know.


He won’t let me post all of these on the site because he says we’re not porn – what??? – so to see them, you’ll have to click here. But WAIT. Before I give you the URL, you have to promise me you’ll come back ok? Don’t spend your entire day calling up your friends and discussing them without including me.

OK. Click here.

Are these legit? Is it actually her? I have no idea. She says it’s not. She’s swearing up and down that it’s not. She had her publicist release a statement that it’s not. But... if it’s not, they went to a LOT of trouble to find someone with, like, an exact replica of her body. And... really good photoshop fakery. So if there is any tampering going on, it’s world class work.

As an aside, can I just say right now that I am lucky to have ended my single days before the introduction of cell phone cock shots? Which means I’ve never been texted a photo of a dude’s cock in my life? You ladies out there, and I know you’re out there, because I know several of you personally... I just don’t know how I would handle it if I was visiting my ma or something and my phone buzzed and I clicked to open and a dong was staring me in the face. Just after it dropped me off after the movies. How is that for you?

Back to Blake’s breasts...

Assuming these are indeed authentic, and that she did indeed message them to someone, they do provide the best, best, best material for investigation – whether or not she’s had them done.

Jacek and I took one look, especially from the side shots, and concluded that they are totally FAKE. Also this one that’s attached? When you take away the obscuring? Check out the cleave, that valley, that valley how it pinches together? NOT natural.

Jacquie S? Are you there? She’s been reading my site a long time. She knows her tits upside and down. She’ll be throwing her wisdom all over this. HELLO JACQUIE?

There’s going to be a liveblog today. I expect you all to weigh in on this issue.

As for how these got out there – I do NOT think this was an intentional leak. Those photos of her and Leo holding hands that I wrote about on Monday and were not available for purchase? Click here for a refresher. Turns out the reason, as suspected, those photos were held back is because they were secured for publication, likely for a premium, by Us Weekly to cover their new issue this week. She’s been crowned, officially, as “Leo’s girlfriend”. Her people would have known about it. It’s a major score. Throwing some nudes on top of that would have been overkill. She wasn’t behind it, no. But the leak has essentially dumped on her new glory. It remains to be seen whether or not Leo wants to be around that kind of heat. His relationships don’t usually make the cover of the supermarket magazines.