Blake Lively is doing reshoots for The Shallows in LA. I didn’t have much to say about this until I found out in the photo captions that her character’s name is Nancy. Is this a contemporary film? Like does it take place in the now?

Because if it takes place within the last five years, I’m not sure about a twentysomething year old woman called Nancy. I was just writing about this a couple of weeks ago in a post about Melissa McCarthy and Spy. Click here for a refresher. Duana, The Name Therapist (click here to buy her book), just confirmed that you’d be hard pressed to find a millennial named Nancy. She does, however, claim that Nancy Drew is coming back into popularity, so in 20 years, maybe you’ll meet a lot more 20 year old Nancys, but, for now, if Blake’s playing a millennial called Nancy, I’m kinda out – another reason why names matter in a story and name interest isn’t just for people who are having babies. This was one of my problems with the book The Fault In Our Stars. I just didn’t believe that two kids born around 1994-ish would have been called Hazel and Augustus… and even if they did, what are the chances they would have both been at the same place at the same time and found each other?!? Also, the story just didn’t make me feel anything, sorry.

Anyway, back to The Shallows. Does this movie take place at least 10 years ago, if not more?