But she’ll come home later and they can be together? That’s what it’s looking like. I’m telling you, as crazy as it sounds from the founding member of the Pussy Posse, per my article yesterday, he is super into this. So...

Was there an overlap with Bar Rafaeli?

Anyway, here’s Blake last night in New York at the Ghetto Film School 7th Annual Spring Benefit honouring David O Russell, because that’s the crowd she rolls with now, and today on the morning talk show circuit mumbling promotion for the Green Lantern opening this weekend.

Green Lantern is Warner Bros. So was The Town. And Inception. The J Edgar Hoover movie that Leo recently completed is Warner Bros too. As will be The Great Gatsby.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

We can talk about Blake and Leo some more during the liveblog which starts soon.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and INF