Blake Lively spent the second half of 2011 impressing us by DOing it better and right up Leonardo DiCaprio’s ass, all the way into the good graces of Ryan Reynolds’s family. Has her balling paid off?

It’s only the first week of January and already it’s paying off very, very well.

According to The Playlist Blake has secured the lead role in Steven Soderbergh’s new film called The Side Effects. And when I say lead role, I mean LEAD role. As in the movie is about HER. She plays a woman who pops pills because she’s stressed that her husband’s coming home from prison. Channing Tatum (who is getting a LOT of work;  between Tatum and Gosling, is anyone else getting work???) is the husband. Jude Law will take on the role of her psychiatrist.

With Soderbergh directing, and the script said to be strong, they say that this “has the potential to be a real career-maker for (Blake)”, especially since Soderbergh is loyal to his favourite actors. You know already about his relationship with Matt Damon, The Side Effects will be his third straight with Tatum, and he and Jude Law supposedly bromanced it so hard, he’s now going for two with him as well.  

And it continues for Blake in 2012 - how did she DO that?

Ps. Who do you think Blake beat out for the part?

Please. If she was allowed to, Jessica Biel would have sent a tape. Jessica Biel loses out to Anne Hathaway. And now she loses out to Blake Lively too.  Marriage this year, back to TV the year after -  that’s the road for the Biel.

Attached - Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl today.