If not for the paps shooting the cast daily, you wouldn’t, would you? The scheduling this season is wonk. And it’s not really sure when the show is coming back. On the official site, there’s a saucy trailer with the tagline: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

Then Mr Voiceover says that new episodes are coming soon. Define soon. Because Lost is back on tonight and I’m starting not to care. When did Gossip Girl become a filler show? Filler between new episodes of Lost and Glee.


There is no clothing porn like Gossip Girl.

And more of that today from Blake Lively, not usually the one who gets us going. But the hat and the coat the boots, it’s all perfect. She looks great. Without all that hair she almost looks better. I don’t pay attention to her face when her tits and hair are around.

Photos from 893/Splashnewsonline.com